Dream - Love - Book :)

And now I'd like to share our Dream Book.. It started from my Entrepreneurship class which requires each of us list our own 50 dreams into free media. Our result would be taken as our mid-test. I immediately have an idea to place my dreams into magazine media. I actually obsess with magazine! Really want to be an expert in magazine-lay outing :D I pass this idea to my man and ta-da.. He was willing to help. 

It was two months before the D-day. We didn't do anything at all. We started composing my dream about three weeks before the D-day and it took ages! We were confused to write our dream into a statement >_< After a long laziness days we can finish listing our dreams along with their description.

Next is the difficult part! Place those dreams into magazine-page designs! I remembered our first day working on this project, it was Saturday, 5 days before the D-day! I just prepared my idea there, in my mind, in my brain, completely abstract! We started making our cover. It took hours because of my abstractness! We gave up and my husband suggested me to make story board first. I spent my Saturday night with a lot of magazines, a lot of sketch papers and it was done in a night. I gave my story boards on Sunday and at night, he started to make the first pages. He finished the first 3 pages roughly and we continued the rest on Monday. I was half blind with Photoshop that day. I just helped him putting pictures and text in a new document, then he designed it WELL! I saw how he worked and tried to make my own and the result was sucks! He called it as a trash -_- and fortunately he could retouch it into a beautiful trash :p I learned from him as lot as I could and we finished that day with 5 new pages :D

That night I tried again and I made it! My result was not trash anymore. My first result was journaling-my-household-experience age. Not that bad, huh? That night I successfully designed 8 pages! How productive, huh? And the next day, we worked productively due to the fact I already become an almost expert in this thing :p We only left 4 pages at the end of Tuesday and continued it on Wed. Retouch the unfinished pages, tried to print them with our own printer, but the printer was stoopid! It couldn't cooperate at all with us. My husband took me to Angkasa Putra to print it and I was really satisfied with their result. They use creative paper which is similar with magazine paper and it costs only Rp 22.500 for 5 A3 pages. Really love it, but not the result of cover. The color of cover was bad and we reprinted it on Thursday, the day I should collect this dream book :0

Whoaaaaa 5 days of hard work and we learned a lot from this result. The major point is 12 as font size for the text is enough and don't ever make it larger again. Someday, we want to make a magazine which we design by our own self for our marriage's merchandise :)

Please take a look our dream book :)